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High-risk businesses, for example, Airlines & bookings, Auto warranties, Business Consulting, Website Design & SEO, Health & Beauty, Membership clubs, Online Gaming, and others, have a negative reputation for being money pits.

That’s why it’s a must-have for such businesses that fall in the high-risk category to consider high-risk payment gateway processors.

So, if your business is considered high-risk, there is no need to stress about it. We provide high-risk gateways with all additional support required for your account.

What Is A High-Risk Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is an online transaction platform that approves or rejects any transaction.

For instance, with a high-risk payment gateway, customers need to submit their credit card information, and then the financial data is passed from customers, businesses, companies, and banks.

What Are The Common Payment Challenges Of High-Risk Merchants?

There are some major issues that are associated with high-risk merchants. For instance,

  • It will be quite a challenge for high-risk businesses to open a merchant account at banks or other providers.
  • They need to deal with high processing fees as payment providers charge more for processing high-risk business transactions. The main reason for this is that they will want to recover additional compliance costs and cover additional risks.
  • High-risk businesses must maintain the rolling reserve.
  • Compared to other businesses, high-risk businesses have higher chargeback rates.
  • High-risk online businesses are common targets for fraudsters.

High-Risk Payment Gateway Features And Benefits

Though it’s called high risk, there are still plenty of benefits and features of high-risk payment gateways.

1. Safer

High-risk payment gateways are considered one of the safest ways. The reason behind this is that such gateways use several security measures like firewalls and SSL to ensure the safety of the merchant’s data. Apart from this, high-risk payment also helps with fraud detention.

2. Sell Globally

High-risk payment gateways make the international payments process easier. With this, customers from different countries can make payments using self-service and mobile payments to purchase anything globally.

3. Freedom To Choose From Different Payment Methods

Usually, for payment gateway offerings, any high-risk businesses have the freedom to choose from various payment methods.

4. Tokenization

This feature lets you reuse the cardholder’s data from previous transactions without requiring you to store it. This way, customers do not have to provide their information repeatedly.

5. Powerful Reporting

High-risk merchants can use a variety of services to improve transaction management. You will get a single view of data, including processing payments and generating reports on all these activities in real time.

6. Easy Management

Managing the entire payment process is really easy with high-risk payment gateways. You can easily manage all the activities from a single account.

How Can We Help?

We specialize in managing high-risk accounts, so you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

As a high-risk payment gateway, we are a highly secure and reliable platform that can provide full support to businesses that process millions of transactions per year.

Although you will find many options when it comes to payment gateway providers, we can guarantee that none of them will offer you all the services that we can provide.


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