Is it Hard to Get Walmart Seller Account?

We’re talking about one of the colossal marketplaces in the world, Walmart. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Walmart is also very strict about its rules and regulations regarding its sellers. The platform built this reputation purely by gaining the trust and reliance of its users. Every month, nearly 120 million visitors visit, which indicates that Walmart’s brand value is captivating to their customers.

This platform allows you to sell your products on their site as well as you can sell theirs. To maintain its reputation and brand loyalty to the customers, Walmart doesn’t compromise its verification process for new sellers to avoid any kind of fraudulent activities that can hamper its reputation. So, if you are wondering whether is it hard to get Walmart seller account? The answer is a little bit tricky. Let’s understand the whole scenario.

Walmart Marketplace – A Short Overview

Walmart marketplace is an established customer-oriented online marketplace that allows third-party sellers to list their items as well as sell Walmart’s items. The concept is pretty much the same as the other e-commerce platforms. It’s an American-based multinational retail corporation, and it operates a chain of supercenters.

Walmart Marketplace – A Short Overviews

The stunning statistic the company holds is quite astonishing. Their revenue generation is higher than any other e-commerce platform in the world. It generated nearly $611.3 billion and $40.2 billion in revenue in the fiscal year of 2023. The states are getting higher and higher as they maintain their quality services to their customers and users. Since 2009, it has helped suppliers across the world to present their products to the customers and reap the reward globally. Learn more about Walmart.

So, a company like this will go through a rigid verification process, which is pretty normal. But if you submit your authentic documentation to the Walmart team, then you can pass the test without any hassle. They review your documentation authenticity to make sure that you can get the best services from this marketplace. There are many more aspects that you must consider. Stick to the article to learn more.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Sell on Walmart

Selling on the world’s largest e-commerce platforms has many benefits. Here are the top reasons why you should start selling at Walmart:

1. Low Set-Up Cost

Number 1 reason you should start selling on Walmart. Because Walmart is the only company that allows you to set up your online business without any cost; however, you’ve to pay a referral charge ranging from 6-15% upon selling. There are other marketplaces where you have to pay monthly charges to keep your listings active as well, as you may have to pay referral charges.

Operating with a low cost can be a big opportunity for sellers who wish to sell on the Walmart platform.

2. With a touch of efficiency and ingenuity

Imagine a business where you don’t have to take the troubles of your inventories and administrative work. Sounds fun, right?

Well, with Walmart, you can have such facilities. The concept of transferring responsibilities and handing off order fulfillment to a giant like Walmart is great. Keep all of your inventory at a Walmart Fulfillment center, and they will take care of everything, from packaging to labeling and shipping. Now you can have a relaxed business.

3. Low Competition

Walmart is choosy to hire sellers. Passing their rigorous filtering process is hard. Therefore, they have little completion on the floor. Doing business with massive competitors is always a high-risk factor. But with Walmart, the fear of competition remains low. So that you can do your business with great peace of mind, however, their hiring process is a bit lengthy and strict, but the outcomes and benefits are lucrative and legitimate.

4. Easy Returns And Refund Process

With Walmart now handling return and refund processes, it has become much easier. Handling such things with perfection may seem inconvenient for many sellers. But Walmart took over those responsibilities on their shoulder. They handle your returns and refunds with such flawlessness that they help you maintain your customer retention rate. Now you don’t have to take extra pressure.

5. Target Ideal Audience

The website of Walmart is a favorite destination for users, which helped constantly receive a lot of traffic. So you don’t have to worry about the presence of the audience. With Walmart’s enriched database of shopper interests, behaviors, and other related factors, you can get your desired statistics. According to the statistics, you can design your marketing strategies to hit the desired audience.

With premium sponsored ads, you can increase your brand visibility to your potential buyers.

There are numerous benefits you can get at Walmart. But to reap those, you need to have the proper qualifications that Walmart always looks for in a seller.

What Qualifications Does Walmart Require from A Seller?

Walmart Seller Central requires some rigid and valid documentation that makes you a qualified seller to sell on this marketplace. The documentation you must have are:

  • A valid business Tax ID or a legitimate Business License Number. (Social Security Number is not accepted.)
  • Provide legal supporting documents for the verification process, such as your business name, brand logo, address, etc.
  • Your items that contain GTIN/UPC GS1 Company Prefix Numbers.
  • You have to submit a catalog of your items that abide by Walmart’s product policy.
  • Your order fulfillment must align through Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) or a Business-to-Customer US. Warehouse that helps to process returns.
  • Any foreign companies should provide a DUNS number.
  • It would be best if you got positive feedback on your items.
  • Make sure your pricing is fair for your items.

These are the qualifications that Walmart requires from you. If you wish to start selling on this marketplace, you must conform to the rules and regulations to qualify. Walmart always goes through an out-and-out investigation for your verification.

Is it Hard to Get a Walmart Seller Account?

Is it Hard to Get Walmart Seller Account

The most common question many sellers ask is, is it hard to get Walmart seller account? Well, the answer to this question is not straightforward. Because you have to go through some rigorous verification process to get a Walmart seller account, if you have the documents ready, then it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Here are the steps you should follow to get approved:

  • Visit 
  • Click on “Join the marketplace.”
Click on “Join the marketplace.
  • You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be asked whether you’re outside the US or not. Choose accordingly and click on “Keep Going”.
Choose accordingly and click on “Keep Going”.
  • On the next page, you’ll provide your name, your business name, email address, phone number, and a new password. Upon entering this information, you’ll get a verification email. After verification, you’ll be taken to the log-in page.
After verification, you’ll be taken to the log-in page.
  • After the account creation, you have to verify your seller account by providing your business details, Tax ID, address details, phone number, business website, etc.
  • As you provide all the legal details, your application will be sent for the verification process.

This is how you can get approved on this marketplace. Filling the form won’t take more than 15–20 minutes. It would take 24 hours for Walmart to review your application. But sometimes Walmart takes your patience test.

If the waiting time exceeds more than four weeks, you need to open a ticket with Walmart Seller Support to check your application status. Getting approved may get hard if your documents have any flaws. Otherwise, it’s not that much harder.

Now, you probably know the processes, but do you know you can get to the marketplace with a verified Walmart seller account? Sounds surprising? Please stick with us, as we are going to show you how you can achieve that.

Purchase a Verified Walmart Seller Account

Here is a big surprise for you. Now, you can start your selling journey right away with us purchasing a verified Walmart seller account. Many sellers are grabbing this opportunity with us, and they’re sailing their ship on this marketplace journey.

With us, you can get a thoroughly verified seller account, with which you can start your business within no time. If you’re worrying about the meticulous verification process, then you can transmit your concerns to us. We create accounts by following the rules and regulations of Walmart, which will keep your account healthy. We used legal addresses, phone numbers, and emails that won’t bring any further questions.

The biggest perk of being with us is that you don’t have to worry a bit about your account creation and going through this rigorous verification process or wait for limitless time. Sellers across the world work with us as we take care of their account services and provide assistance related to their accounts. Let’s have a look at what you’re getting with our account services.

What You’re Getting With Our Account?

We’re offering a wide range of benefits that we assure you will set your business. Let not any complicity set you back from your dream. Here are the advantages you’re getting:

  • A fully verified legal account.
  • Ready accounts that are already onboarded.
  • In the accounts, we always provide authentic personal information.
  • You’ll get a valid phone number attached to the account.
  • Depending on your demand, we deliver valid payment modes with the accounts.
  • You’ll get Hyperwallet with our account.
  • You’ll get LLC transfer opportunities.
  • An account with a legal and professional touch.

These benefits you’ll get will break the oncoming obstruction to your seller journey. We are committed to delivering you the best and most authentic product so that nothing can stop you from being a verified and successful seller on this huge marketplace.

Why You Should Purchase From Us and Is It Legal?

So far, you know the pros and cons of opening a Walmart seller account. Indeed, Walmart always double-checks your documentation for verification. This meticulous process is necessary for them to ensure safety and security and to maintain a professional environment both for sellers and users. So, whether purchasing a Walmart seller account is a legal option or not is a very common question that wanders into most newbies.

The answer is a Big Yes! It’s legal to purchase a seller account from other sources. As long as you obey the rules and regulations of the marketplace, you can stay clear. You won’t face any kind of issue if you stick to the etiquette that Walmart sets. On the other hand, purchasing a verified Walmart Seller Account from us seems to be a feasible choice for you because we offer not only the account but also the safety measures that won’t be an obstruction for your upcoming journey. Let’s understand why.

We have been in this business for years now, and we’re continuously delivering our best. We cater to hundreds of clients daily worldwide. The service satisfaction allowed our clients to recommend to others, which helped us to grow exponentially. Our 24/7 customer support and a 100% replacement guarantee made our clients rely on us. We care for your investment, which drives us to convey our commitment to you with transparency and accountability. These measures set us ahead of the competition.

What you’re thinking now? Just take a step and get on a train to reach Walmart for your business with us. It would be a potential option for you to kickstart your business without wasting any time.

End Words

In a nutshell, the magnitude of Walmart’s measures to ensure safety and security for their users is usual. They don’t compromise their reputation, which leads them to take an exhaustive verification process to avoid fraud and counterfeit access. The importance of this marketplace for the sellers can’t be ignored either. To comply with the circumstances, it’s advisable that you should always prepare your documents.

However, taking the above-mentioned comprehensive verification paths doesn’t always fit everyone’s choice. So, Is it hard to get a Walmart seller account? Absolutely no. If you have made up your mind to embark on the journey on Walmart, you can purchase a verified Walmart seller account from us. There is a proverb; “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

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