How to Verify Wise Account?

In today’s interconnected world, the need for seamless, hassle-free, and secure international money transfers has become much more important and the industry is growing exponentially. Whether you are a freelancer working with clients around the globe a businessman trading within countries or a working professional residing in another country, the ability to transact funds across borders efficiently became a crying need. There is where Wise, an innovative online financial platform, steps in as a game changer.

Wise does not just deal with money transfer services, it works as a financial bridge that enables individuals and businesses to deal in international transactions with ease and transparency. With Wise, you can send money to someone situated beyond your national boundaries, whether it’s your currency or in another preferred monetary unit. Now the vital question is ‘How to Verify a Wise Account?’ Which involves submitting legit documents, following the proper verification processes, and many other concepts. 

Keep reading this article, we’ve broken down the verification processes and the requirements that will ease your transactional operations.

How to Create a Wise Account?

Before starting a transaction with Wise, there is a crucial step: Creating and Verifying Wise Account. It’s just like opening a conventional bank account, which involves submitting appropriate identification documents, which are required for the safety and security of your money. So let’s get started to create a Wise Account.

How to Create a Wise Account

To create an account, all you need to have is a smartphone or PC, a stable internet connection, and a valid email ID. The step-by-step process is:

Step 1: First of all, open the app on your mobile, or go to this Wise Website.

Step 2: Click on the sign-up button

Step 3: Select the country from where you want to send the money. If the state is required to be filled, fill that as well.

Step 4: Input a valid email ID.

Step 5: Create a strong password that has a minimum of 8 characters including uppercase and lowercase and numbers.

Step 6: Enter a referral code (if you have one)

Step 7: Then click Continue.

These simple and easy steps will help you to create a Wise Account. Which might take not more than 5 minutes. 

Well, creating a Wise Account is not enough to transfer or receive money. Another important process that needs to be done is Verifying your Wise Account. Now you can create a Wise account, but do you know how this verification works? Stick with the guidelines below.

How Wise Verification Works?

Wise takes the security and integrity of its financial services seriously, which is why a robust verification process needs to be done to ensure the safety of your transactions. Here’s how wise verification process works.

How to Verify Wise Account

1. Identification Documentation 

When you sign up for a Wise account, you’ll be asked to provide photo identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, to verify your identity. Additionally, you may need to submit proof of address, which can include utility bills or other official documents in your name. In some cases, Wise may also request a picture of you holding your identification document.

2. Verification Criteria

The verification process monitors some criteria, including the amount you are willing to send, the currency you’re using, and your transaction history. Here’s how it works:

  • Depending on the Transaction Amount: For larger transfers, Wise may request additional documentation to verify the source of funds. 
  • Depending on Currency and Country: Some countries require proof of identity for any amount. Currencies like US dollars, may require you to provide an online banking login for the verification. Some countries also require information regarding how you use the funds.
  • Depending on Transaction History: The number of transfers you’ve made can also impact the process. Initially, Wise may verify your identity, but additional address verification might be necessary later on.

3. Ongoing Verification

Sometimes, Wise may request additional documents after a transfer has already begun. In such cases, their team works diligently to verify these documents promptly, ensuring your money moves without unnecessary delays.

4. Automatic Verification

In many cases, Wise automatically verifies your identity when you make a bank transfer from your own bank account. When the name on your bank account matches the name on your Wise account. This can serve as an initial form of identity confirmation and may not ask you for further ID or address verification documents. However, this option is available only for specific currencies and transactions below 15,000 EUR, and it doesn’t apply to business accounts.

Wise’s verification process is designed to be thorough and secure to prevent money laundering and protect against fraud. For the verification process, you must know what documents you must submit while verifying. Learn about the required documents you need for the verification process. 

Documents Required for Wise Account

To ensure the security and safety of your Wise Account, a few documents play a crucial role. These documents are essential to confirm your identity, which helps Wise to perform a secure transfer for all users. This verification process isn’t just a formality; it’s a way for Wise to ensure maximum security of your funds and that your transactions are legitimate. Now let’s take a glimpse into what documents you’ll need to provide:

For identification

Wise typically requires these documents for your identification

  • A valid passport (the page that contains a Photo)
  • National ID card.
  • Photo driving license (with some exceptions)

It’s very important that the information in these documents aligns with your Wise account.

Proof of Address

Wise also requires these documents to confirm your address. You can provide any of the following: 

  • Utility bills (gas, electric, or landline phone, excluding mobile phone bills)
  • Bank or credit card statements (photos/scans of physical letters or PDF statements)
  • Council tax bills or HRMC notifications.
  • Vehicle registration or tax details.
  • Photo driver’s license displaying your address and expiring date.
  • Any other Governmental or financial-issued documents. 

Just like the ID, the information should match the information you provided in your Wise Account. 


While Wise strives to be inclusive, they may not be equipped to handle documents in every language. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure that the documents you provide are in English or a language they can process. 

Live ID+ Selfie verification 

In some cases, you may be asked to provide a Live ID. You may be asked to take a picture of your ID and a selfie to verify. In some rare cases, you may be asked to upload a selfie while holding your ID. 

Now, probably you know how to verify a Wise account. But there are certain hassling issues that bother many of the users. Account verification and creation is a demanding process. In many cases, the documentation required for Wise verification might not be available to you, but don’t worry, you can purchase a verified Wise account from us which is ready to use. 

It’s a one-stop solution to get a verified wise account with all the access and tools that might help you to get straight to the business and the world of transactions. Below, we’ve provided a solution to your problems so that no barrier can stop you from transacting for your important work.

Purchasing a Verified Wise Account

Creating and verifying a Wise account from scratch is often quite a difficult process. Wise, is a platform committed to providing safe and secure financial transactions with transparency. Which requires precise documentation of identification and proof of address. While this is a vital step to ensure the legitimacy of the transaction, the whole process can be daunting for some individuals.

Purchasing a Verified Wise Account

If you’re up for scaling up your business, expanding your global reach, or simply seeking a hassle-free way to make overseas transactions, purchasing a verified Wise account could be the ideal solution. We offer a fully verified account with a 100% top-notch service. 

In many countries, you cannot open a Wise Account or log in. For example, in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Russia, Sudan, and other places you cannot use Wise. That doesn’t mean you cannot use it. You can buy and use a fully verified Wise account. We’ll deal with all the formalities and give you a ready-to-use Wise account with which you can transfer unlimited amounts. Apart from this, you’ll get 24/7 customer service whenever you encounter any issue. There are more you can get from us.

What You Will Get from Us?

If you are considering purchasing a Wise account, then you’re in the right place. There are a lot we are offering at a very competitive price. Here’s a list you’ll get along with our account services:

  • A Wise account that is thoroughly verified and new.
  • Real documents provided a verified account that won’t bother while transacting.
  • You’ll get a 100% reliable account service.
  • 24/7 live customer support for any kind payment payment-related issue.
  •  A superfast delivery assurance.

Purchasing an account can be a feasible option for you because if you are facing any country issue, you still can navigate its benefits for your work purposes. So without wasting time, get a Wise account from us and resume your work or transact any amount anywhere. 

Why Purchase from Merchantta?

We offer a wide range of services that you can’t overlook. We dedicate our efforts to ensure maximum customer satisfaction which is our pride that, we are irreplaceable and providing top-notch services at the most competitive prices in the market. 

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However, you can buy a Wise account from us with some easy, simple steps. We assure you, that purchasing a Wise account from us is completely safe, legal, and verified. Our 24/7 customer care services will keep you updated and make feel relieved that we are with you. 

Sometimes people face payment issues which is quite concerning. In this circumstance, if you don’t find any hand, it will make you anxious about your money and related concerns. So be assured, with us, you don’t have to face such things as we are committed to providing the ultimate help that you need. Purchasing a Wise account can solve most of your hassles.


Wrapping up the whole topic, we cannot deny the increasing importance of international money transfer across the frontier line in this present era. To cope with the challenge, Wise is working tirelessly to ensure seamless borderless finance for your convenience. They step forward to ensure financial freedom and eliminate transaction hassles within various currencies. The answer to the question of how to verify a Wise account is quite daunting, but we made it super easy for you to take advantage of this borderless money transfer system. 

Join Wise with us today by purchasing a verified Wise account and get ahead with your seamless fund transfer and expand your business across the globe.

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