How to Verify Amazon Seller Account?

In the dynamic scenario of e-commerce, Amazon stands strong as an online retail platform, connecting billions of shoppers across many global marketplaces. Their priority is to safeguard its vast ecosystem, which led them to implement a rigorous verification process designed to ensure the integrity of its marketplace. 

This year marked a significant turning point for Amazon sellers as the company introduced a comprehensive process of verification. These measures, including the submission of identity verification documents and virtual interviews, have become a mandatory part of the Amazon seller experience. 

The driving force behind this approach is the United States Inform Act, which mandates large marketplaces like Amazon to collect and verify crucial information about third-party sellers on an annual basis. Stick to this article, as I’ll guide you through how to verify Amazon seller account and a guideline on how you’ll get a verified Amazon Seller Account.

What is Verified Amazon Seller Central?

So, Amazon Seller Central is another tool from Amazon that works as a dashboard for a seller. This is the portal where you can access your account. This is a one-stop solution where you can effectively manage your sales and other resources. The interactive dashboard allows you to monitor all your sales activities and helps you to manage your business.

What is Verified Amazon Seller Central

A verified account is a ready-to-go account that allows new sellers to start their business right away. To ensure transparency and integrity, Amazon goes for thorough verification for the new sellers. It’s equally good for the company as well as for the new sellers and the customers involved in this marketplace. 

What is Amazon Seller Verification?

After the creation of your Amazon seller account, you can now use this as a testing tool in the Sandbox environment. This will help you to understand the technical approach and evaluate your ability to use the proper ordering process and how to manage orders properly. 

But to use your account for business, you need to verify your account and complete the whole verification process involved. 

There are two ways you can verify your Amazon Seller Account. 

  1. Firstly, you have to answer some questions about your business and about yourself or whoever is considered main for the business.
  2. Secondly, you have to provide information that verifies yourself.

Information required to verify Amazon Seller Account

How to Verify Amazon Seller Account

When registering as a seller on Amazon, you’ll be required to submit a set of business information to ensure smooth and legitimate access to their marketplace. Here is the breakdown of How to Verify an Amazon Seller Account:

  • Legal business name: Your business’s official name is the actual identity on Amazon. This name should align with the legal entity.
  • Business Address: Amazon needs your physical business address to facilitate shipping, returns, and other logistic-related processes. 
  • Contact information: Your contact details are important for effective communication. 
  • Email Address: The email address you’ve provided will be the primary contact medium. It’s where you’ll receive your notifications and correspondents regarding your Amazon sales.
  • Internationally Chargeable Credit Card: To cover any fees or charges associated with your business on Amazon’s platform, you must have a credit card that is operational internationally. 
  • Your Phone Number: Your phone number is essential for Amazon to reach you during the registration process. Whether to send OTP or connect with you.
  • Federal Tax ID: Depending on your business structure and location, you’ll need to provide either your Social Security Number or your business’s Federal Tax ID. For U.S. sellers, a state tax ID may also be required.

The details we’ve mentioned above are instrumental in verifying your identity, ensuring legal compliance, and establishing a reliable seller profile on Amazon. Providing accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process is very important to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free verification process. 

What Are The Common Issues New Sellers Face During The Verification Process?

After going through this far, I’m pretty sure that you’ve understood the magnitude and importance of this verification process. The entire process may seem tough for many users. So, here I am pointing out some of the common issues that may bother you, which are addressed below:

Submission of Documents

Amazon follows very strict guidelines for how they want to evaluate the documents. Avoid submitting documents that are poorly scanned or have blurry images. Never submit documents that are not matching with the information you’ve provided. These types of documents sometimes get rejected automatically. 

Mismatch of Billing and Residence Address 

Another major issue that is commonly found by new sellers is that they run into mismatched information. Billing and residence information must match in this case.

Let’s say the seller’s ID contains the previous address, which is not matched with their new residence address; if they don’t amend the information and send it as it is, Amazon will reject their application due to dissimilarity. 

New Sellers Fail To Send Full Documents

In many cases, new sellers are seen to submit partial documents or pages of billing documents or bank-related documents. Amazon requires entire documents, including every single detail. So submitting appropriate and proper documents is important.

Get a Verified Amazon Seller Account

In today’s fast-paced e-commerce world, new entrepreneurs are emerging exponentially. So, it’s a great time for you to take a step towards it. If you believe you can be a good entrepreneur and open a window for a better life, why not give it a shot?

Get a Verified Amazon Seller Account

Amazon is offering huge opportunities so that you can grow your business worldwide, and reach the customers you’ve never imagined you’d cater. Don’t be set back by the fear of the tough Amazon verification process. 

Here’s some good news for you, we’ve got you covered. We are offering a verified Amazon Seller Account at a very competitive price. We sell accounts that are fresh, new, and unused which is made by following legal measures. 

Amazing Tools and Benefits of Seller Central With Verified Amazon Seller Account

Well, the seller account not only allows you to list your products or market your products to potential customers but also you can get these amazing benefits. There are tons of benefits that Seller Central offers. Key tools that might benefit you:

  • List new products and set status or update product information.
  • Keep track of daily sales for all the products from the Amazon store.
  • Keep track of the inventory status
  • Tack new orders, refund, replace, and manage payments.
  • Custom business reports can be downloaded, and templates can be bookmarked that are used repeatedly. 
  • Custom metrics tool to monitor the performance of the store.
  • Contact selling partner support and get help center tickets.
  • Access to growth tools to increase sales.
  • Manage shipping with FBA 
  • Manage selling programs
  • Manage advertising campaigns and monitor performance.
  • Monitor custom feedback and reviews.
  • Sell internationally with Amazon Global Selling

As you can see, Amazon Marketplace is a well-planned and organized e-platform where you don’t have to face any side hustles. 

Why You Should Buy from Us?

We’ve been doing great in this business for several years and cater to hundreds of global customers daily. In an industry where consistent reliability is a rare find, we take pride we are consistently delivering the best. 

Our primary focus is to ensure customer satisfaction, which keeps us ahead of the competition. 

We firmly work in standing by our customers, providing them with continuous support whenever they encounter challenges to their verified Amazon seller account.

Furthermore, our approach is rooted in accountability. Instead of pointing fingers at our customers when issues arise, we eagerly resolve any problems they may be facing.

What’s Included With The Amazon Seller Account?

When it comes to our account services, we believe in transparency and security as top priorities. Whether you’re registering or logging in, we ensure that you have access to all the necessary information to make the process smooth and secure. To provide you with the ultimate verified Amazon seller account, here’s a breakdown of what our accounts entail:

  • Your seller journey commences with the essential registration details. Your login ID and other information will be provided from our end so that you can get access without any hassle.
  • We provide clear instructions to guide you through the process, ensuring you can maintain your account safely.
  • Each account comes with a credit card for added convenience, along with all the crucial files you need, including a one-time password.
  • We offer accounts with Virtual Private Server access, depending on your specific needs, especially for those who require it.
  • Be assured that the accounts we offer are thoroughly verified and ready for use.
  • We go the extra mile by verifying both phone numbers and addresses associated with the accounts, which adds an extra layer of security to your experience.

Our commitment is to provide reliability, security, and fully verified accounts. We take care of your satisfaction and peace of mind by taking our account services.

What Type Of Seller Account Do We Provide?

Amazon offers two types of seller accounts. One is an Individual Seller Account, and the other is a Professional Seller Account. The individual account imposes a per-product charge of $1 for each sale, whereas the professional account incurs a flat monthly fee of $39.99.

What Type Of Seller Account Do We Provide

You will choose on the basis of the entire number of products you want to sell in a month. We provide both account options at a very competitive price with a 100% replacement guarantee. So why waste time, get one verified Amazon seller account and start earning money by doing the business you want.

Is Buying an Amazon Seller Account Legal?

This is a very common query we often receive from potential new Verified Amazon Seller Account buyers. And they typically get distracted by many wrong-guided answers. 

The simple answer to this question is YES! Purchasing a verified Amazon seller account is entirely legal. Amazon cannot restrict your ownership or how you choose to use it.

So, it’s absolutely legal to buy an account; otherwise, there wouldn’t be a continuous flow of customers purchasing accounts on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts

In the world of e-commerce, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, Amazon can be the right place for you. Having a verified Amazon seller account can open the windows of ample opportunities for you. 

The rigorous verification process may frustrate you, but our detailed breakdown will help you in this case. Our outstanding services can help you to make a smooth start to your e-commerce journey on the world’s largest online marketplace. 

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