How to Set up an eBay Account for Business or Personal Use?

Are you looking forward to kick-starting your online business and ready to embark on a journey on eBay? If the answer is Yes, then this article is for you.

Do you know? More than 159 million active eBay users and more than 19 million eBay seller accounts are doing online business on eBay. Their performance record is increasing every fiscal year, which dictates that eBay is one of the biggest e-commerce giants on the web. The states made this platform a compelling option for those seeking online business opportunities. This raises a pivotal question, “How to set up an eBay account for business or personal use?”

In this guide, we will explore the processes and procedures of how to set up your eBay account for business or personal use and analyze the distinctive advantages and limitations of both eBay personal and business accounts. We’ll try to break down the information you should know before starting the journey.

Without further ado, keep reading this article to explore eBay. 

An Overview of A Personal Account and A Business Account

There are two types of eBay accounts, one is a Personal Account, and another is a Business Account. Before starting to sell, you need to understand which account is suitable for you and why. Let’s learn about these two, and then we’ll head to how to set up an eBay account for business or personal use.

An Overview of A Personal Account and A Business Account

Personal Account

A personal eBay account is the ideal choice for individuals looking to join the platform primarily as buyers or engage in casual selling as a hobby. This account type allows for listing a limited number of products in your eBay shop and is not intended for business-related selling activities. There is also a selling limitation that can be lifted when you gain a reputation as a reliable seller.

Individuals typically create their personal accounts to list items such as antiques and unused household items for sale. Thus, if you aim to generate extra income or test the feasibility of launching a new e-commerce business without significant investment, going for this account type would be the most suitable choice.

Business Account

On the other hand, if you are deeply committed to establishing an eBay-based business as your primary income source, then an eBay business account is the optimal choice.

This account is for the entrepreneur who wants to sell items of large volume regularly on the platform as a part of their business. If you want a full-fledged personalized online store and you want to manage your inventory, analyze business states, and list items in bulk, then this account is for you because this account comes up with features that might be handy for you.

However, managing this type of account requires higher selling fees and a rigorous verification and documentation process.

How To Set Up An Ebay Personal Account?

Creating an eBay account can be daunting sometimes for many users. You can create an account using Google or your Facebook account. Below there’s a breakdown of how to set up your eBay personal account. Follow these steps to create your account easily:

  1. First, open any browser and search to go to the portal. The screen may look like this.
open any browser and search to go to the portal. The screen may look like this
  1. On the top of the left corner of the website, click on “Register” to create a new account.
click on “Register” to create a new account.
  1. You can either create an account using email or your Facebook account. To register with an email, type in your first and last name, your email address, and a new password you wish to use. Use a password that contains letters and numbers.
You can either create an account using email or your Facebook account
  1. After entering the information, you’ll be redirected to the eBay home page.
  1. Now you can buy and sell items. You can always personalize your account via the “My eBay” button in the top right corner of the screen.
  1. Click on “My eBay” to customize your account.
  1. The ‘Personal info’ tab allows you to input additional information about the account. Here you can change your password, shipping address, personal information, etc.
  1. In the ‘Payment’ tab, you will find the ‘Payment Options’ tab, through which you can store credit or debit cards as well as online financial mediums. This is where you can add payment methods and link your credit and debit cards.
  1. In the “My eBay” tab, you’ll find the “Account Preferences” tab that allows you to change your eBay selling, payments, and more.

With these steps, you can create your eBay personal account easily. Now it’s time to learn how to set up an eBay business account.

How To Set Up An Ebay Business Account?

Creating an eBay business account is not as straightforward as a personal account. If you already have a personal account, you can convert it into a business account. To successfully set up a business account, you need an active email, phone number, credit card, and bank details. To create a business account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on ‘Register’ in the top left corner of the screen. You’ll be redirected to the Registration Page. Click “Create a Business Account”.
  1. To set up your business account, following the previous image, first write down your business information. It’s advisable that you should have a business email dedicated for business purposes only. Provide a legally registered business name, email, and phone number, and create a password. Check the ‘I only want to buy on eBay’ if you don’t want to sell. If you want to sell or do business, then leave the checkbox as it is. Then click on ‘Create Account’.
  1. You’ll receive a PIN for the verification process; enter the PIN to verify your account. Then select your business type. And let’s Get Started.
  1. Create a username. If you feel that you need to change your username, you can do that. But you have to wait 30 days to make a change.
  1. Provide your business details to eBay.  Check the box according to your business type.
  1. In the ‘Add your identity information’ section, provide your name, country, and address (You have documents), phone number, and nationality.

Now you can create your business account. But before moving on, you’ve to register your payment method to start selling. Let’s learn how to do that!

Add Your Automatic Payment Method

Once you register your business account, you can add your eBay payment method. A payment method is required for your business account. It strengthens your account for verification purposes.

First, you have to sign in to your account, and then click on your name on the top left and click ‘Account settings’.

Then Select ‘Personal Information’ under the ‘Personal Info’ section.

Entering there, you’ll find a section called ‘Financial Information’, select ‘Update Automatic Payment Method’ within this menu to set up the payment method that you feel is good for you.

So far, you’ve learned how to set up an eBay account for business or personal use, but a crucial thing you should know before going into action is stated below.

Tips to Keep Your Account Healthy

Setting up a business account on eBay is not an easy task for everyone. Let’s say you’ve made it, but still, there are many things if you avoid learning, you may not keep your account activated or healthy. To maintain a swift and smooth business, you must learn these tips. Here they are:

Follow the Book of eBay’s Terms

To maintain transparency, eBay recommends that an eBay account should be operated by following the guidelines and safety measures. There are a few measures that you should follow as a seller. These are stated below:

Clear Intention

You should purchase items with the specific intention of reselling. Make sure you purchase products/items for your business on eBay only.

Selling Prohibited Items

Stay away from selling restricted and prohibited items. Learn more about eBay’s prohibited items. Adding details about your products helps buyers to trade comfortably. So don’t be shy about writing details about your product. Put as much information as possible.

Product Details

For product details, upload clear photographs of your product. Ensure your product photo has enough details that can acknowledge your buyers. It helps with customer satisfaction, and you’ll gain your reputation and increase your sales.

Tax Implications

Remember, eBay will treat your business account as any other business enterprise. Thus, the tax implications will be the same for your business model, too. So it’ll be wise to keep accurate data related to your product sales, your expenses, and all.

These are some basic tips you can follow to keep your account sound as well as for your business journey. Apart from these, there are many maintenance aspects, and following this is not a piece of cake for everyone. It can be a challenging process for some users to set up an account and follow the procedures for the verification. Suppose many are required to start their business immediately, and they are facing issues regarding opening an account and all the processes. Stick with us to know the solutions we’ve provided below.

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Final Thoughts

Setting up an eBay account, whether for business or personal use, can open doors to a world of opportunities in the vast online marketplace. With more than 159 million active users and millions of eBay sellers, eBay stands as a mighty e-commerce giant. So this question, “How to set up an eBay account for business or personal use?” is discussed in this extensive guideline-based article.

In this enthusiastic online marketplace, the possibility of working with personal or business accounts is huge. Well, now you have the insights and options to get a eBay account to decide your approach to eBay’s success.

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