How To Delete Payoneer Account? [Everything You Need to Know]

Deleting your Payoneer account is a somewhat lengthy process yet easier when you know how to do it effectively. However, before deleting your Payoneer account you need to settle down some factors to cause minimal troubles afterward.

Having your account blocked can be additionally troublesome while deleting it permanently. But worry not, you’ll get all your queries solved in a while regarding closing your Payoneer account effortlessly.

Things To Do Before Deleting Payoneer Account

If you are a regularly active user of Payoneer, conducting online transactions daily, then deleting your Payoneer account suddenly can get you in trouble. Here are some points you should note before proceeding.

Transfer Any Available Balance

Be certain to transfer any unused balance from your Payoneer account to your debit card or bank account or a different fund transfer provider. Before terminating the account, find out if there are any ongoing transactions and make sure they are finished.

Get An Alternative Payment Platform

Update your payment method if you have connected your Payoneer account with various e-commerce sites or services, including freelance websites or marketplaces, to prevent any transaction failure.

Store Transaction Statement Records

Before closing your Payoneer account, you should keep records such as saved files or screenshots of recent transaction history and available funds. This will help you afterward if you face any difficulties closing your account.

Remove Auto-Subscriptions

Having auto payments, renewals, or subscriptions activated to different service-based websites can be troublesome. It is better to remove your Payoneer account connected to these websites before permanently closing it.

Remove Connected Bank Accounts

Payoneer uses local bank accounts for wire transfers. Double-check to remove the bank accounts completely connected to your Payoneer after transferring all available funds.

How To Delete Payoneer Account?

Maintaining a Payoneer account is quite expensive. Since you can always get a Payoneer account for free, it is better to delete the current account if you are not intending to use it for several months or years.

How To Delete Payoneer Account

Step 1: Login To Your Account

Go to Payoneer’s website and log in to your account providing your Payoneer email address and password. Be advised, you may need to do a phone or email verification in case you have two-step verification turned ON.

If you have multiple Payoneer accounts then check carefully if you have logged in to the correct account you wish to delete.

Step 2: Go To Payoneer Customer Support

Nextly, tap the Help tab located at the bottom of the webpage. From there click on “Support Center-Home”.

Step 3: Go To Account Closure Option

On the next page, you will see a button titled “My Payoneer Account”. Click on it to proceed to the next page.

A new page will pop up with different options for you to customize your account. Look for “Close/Reopen Account” and click on it.

Next, you will get two options which are for reopening an account or closing one. Since you are up to deleting your account, tap on “I want to close my account”.

Step 3: Provide All Information

You will get a set of instructions before proceeding to the next step. It includes the precautionary instructions before attempting to close your Payoneer account. On the bottom, you’ll get a “Contact Us” button.

A form will appear before which you need to fill up and submit before proceeding.

Put your Payoneer email address carefully that you want to close. A slide button for “Topic” would be on the right. Select the necessary options to close your account.

You will get a text box where you need to write in details about your Payoneer account details and provide any supporting documents available such as your National Identity, Passport, etc. After filling in all the credentials tap on “Submit”.

Step 4: Confirm Account Closure

Finally, your application for closing your Payoneer account would be submitted to the authority. A reference number will be provided using which you can get an update on your inquiry.

Note that, it might take 24-72 hours for completing the procedure. It is because Payoneer needs to cross-check all your provided documents and verify your application before closing your account.

Keep a tab on your email. After completion, you will receive an email from Payoneer regarding your account closure.

Things To Know Before You Delete Your Payoneer Account

Get the following points carefully before completing your application process for account closure.

  • You will get a refund if your account had any balance before closing it.
  • You cannot reopen the account unless you provide a legal justification to the authority.
  • It is not possible to open a new Payoneer account with the previous details.
  • If you have any pending transactions with other connections, then they might be lost during the procedure.

Is There A Way To Get A Verified Payoneer Account?

Once you have deleted a Payoneer account the email linked with becomes obsolete. Creating a new Payoneer account and verifying it afterward can be quite hassling as a lot of photo IDs, and documents are needed.

But in case of emergency for making quick transactions there is a way to bypass this inconvenience procedure. You can get a Payoneer account that is already verified and active for making transactions.

This platform is trustworthy and provides instantaneous customer support in case of any queries and maintains transparency.


Go through the following answered questionnaires to know more about what to do or not regarding deleting your Payoneer account.

How much time does it take to close the Payoneer account?

It takes around 2-3 working days or 24-72 hours in order to completely close a Payoneer account. Sometimes it may take time for completing the procedure if technical difficulties with the account have been encountered and resolved properly.

Can I delete my Payoneer account and open a new one?

You can open a new Payoneer account after deleting the previous one but there’s a catch. You cannot use your previous email or any ids that you might have provided to Payoneer. However, it is better to consult Payoneer customer care for being assisted with the process.

Can I reopen a closed Payoneer account?

Payoneer does not allow reopening an already closed account with the original email. You can apply to open a new account with alternative email details and other credentials as well.

Final Words

Although Payoneer is a decent platform for global online transactions the transaction charge, exchange rates, and additional hidden fees such as maintenance fees are not satisfactory.

For all these, you may want to delete your Payoneer account and look for other alternatives. Having known how to delete a Payoneer account in this article gives you the heads up before proceeding with it.

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