How to Contact Seller Through PayPal? [Answered]

To contact the seller, you can find the available information about the seller, and contact them directly. But the more effective way is to open a dispute in PayPal’s resolution center and exchange messages with the seller to negotiate and resolve the issue.

If nothing works, you can escalate your dispute to a claim, so PayPal itself determines the outcome. After you have done the above, hopefully the conflict will be resolved. So to find out more on how to contact seller through PayPal, Keep reading!

How To Contact Sellers Through Paypal?

How to Contact Seller Through PayPal

We have mentioned briefly that there are three possible scenarios in which you might reach the seller and solve the issue. To reiterate, these scenarios include the following:

  • Find the seller’s information and contact them Directly
  • Open Dispute and exchange messages in the resolution center
  • As the last option, Escalate the Dispute to a claim, that means PayPal will decide the result

In most cases, the problem arises due to a misunderstanding between the seller and the buyer, which can be easily solved by letting the seller know about the issue, and they will eventually solve it.

You can contact the seller directly using the basic information available in PayPal, or you can contact the seller by opening a dispute through the PayPal resolution center.

Filling out a dispute is a better option because, after opening a dispute, PayPal documents everything about the problem.

By contacting the seller via the resolution center, you can settle the conflict. However, if you fail to resolve the issue, the next step is to go one step ahead by making your dispute a claim.

Once you escalate your dispute into a claim, you are actually asking PayPal to come to a decision. Now PayPal will interfere and decide the outcome of the dispute.

How to Get Seller Basic Information To Contact them Directly

Your first step can be to contact the seller and let them know about the issues. Seller contact information is available in PayPal, which can be accessed easily.

Here is how to get seller details-

  • You Must Go to Recent Activity
  • Then you must select the payment for the seller you want to contact. On this page, you will find the contact information of the seller.

Contact information can be found in the form of a phone number, email address, or website. Once you know, you can reach

How to Open Dispute to exchange messages in the resolution center?

So if you have tried contacting the seller on your own using the basic information available in Paypal but have yet to contact them, you must try through the resolution center by opening a dispute. However, i dispute must be filled within 6 months of the transaction.

Step 1: Log In

First step is to log in. When you have finished logging in, click the Paypal icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. Once you click on the logo, the next page will have a resolution center link on the lower left corner of the page.

Log In to paypal

Step 2: Open Dispute

On this page, since you already clicked on a link to the resolution center, you will have the option “Dispute Transaction.” When you click on this icon, a page containing all of your transactions will open. Now select the transaction you want to dispute and click “Continue’’.

Open Dispute

Step 3: Select the reasons

Now you have to select the reasons for which you want to dispute the transaction. These reasons include receiving the wrong item or not receiving the item. For example, if you did not receive the ordered item, select “I didn’t receive my item” and continue.

Select the reasons

Step 4: Select the category and compose a message

Since you have already selected “I didn’t receive my item,” you must choose a category from the drop-down menu. Look at the picture below for clarity. After selecting the category, you can compose a message to the seller.

Once you’ve written the message clearly, click on “Continue’’. That’s all. PayPal is now going to communicate with the seller.

Select the category and compose a message

Step 5: Negotiate

You can exchange messages with your seller and solve the issue at this stage. After you have opened the dispute, you have 20 days to resolve the problem; after this time, PayPal will automatically close the dispute.

Negotiate exchange messages with your seller

Step 6: Close or Escalate the Dispute

If you get a positive outcome, you can close the negotiation. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you can escalate the disagreement to a claim, and Paypal will make the final decision.

Close or Escalate the Dispute

How To escalate a PayPal dispute to a claim?

Paypal often takes at least 7 days to escalate a dispute. As stated, escalate the dispute within 20 days, or it will be closed automatically. Here is the step:

  • Log in and go to the resolution center as you have done before
  • Now open the dispute that you want to escalate
  • At the bottom of the page, you will get an option entitled Escalate to PayPal
  • Now Paypal will ask relevant questions about the transaction. Once you provide that, click submit,

It takes around at least 14 days to more than 30 days for Paypal to solve the issue. For updates, frequently visit the resolution center and check your mail.

Necessary Details and Eligibility For Buyer Protection?

Paypal has specific guidelines to protect its buyers from being betrayed. For example, if you have ordered an item online, but the item you get does not match the seller’s description, PayPal Buyer Protection may be able to reimburse you for the purchase.

Here is the situation when paypal helps you out

  • When you have ordered something but receive something different
  • Ordered something new but received an outdated or used item
  • Received fewer things than the number of items you have ordered
  • Get the damaged item
  • You have rated products from a reputed brand but got a different brand

Paypal is not going to help you if one of the following happened

  • You must open the dispute within 180 days of purchase
  • You failed to get an accurate description of the seller
  • If your PayPal account is not in good standing,

Paypal buyer’s protection Does not Work For the following Purchase

  • Real estate, motorized vehicles, or heavy industrial machinery
  • Any kind of gift card and prepaid card that has stored value
  • Any items that violate PayPal’s policy
  • If you purchase something in person rather than through the internet,

Can you Buy a Paypal Account if PayPal is not available in your country?

What if you do not have a PayPal account( personal or business)? All the discussion has no significance to you.

No worries, if you do not have a PayPal account or a PayPal account is unavailable in your country, we provide a verified business PayPal account. Here is what we offer:

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By now, many of your queries should have disappeared. Still, if you have more questions, visit PayPal’s website. Here are some FAQs relevant to the discussion that you might want to know.

What is the difference Between Open Dispute and Escalate Dispute to Claim

Paypal’s resolution center offers you the option to open a dispute if you are not satisfied with the product. Opening a dispute allows you to exchange messages about the issue with the seller and solve it. If it is not solved, you can escalate the dispute to a claim, which means you are asking PayPal’s authority to decide on the outcome.

Do I have to pay PayPal to settle the dispute?

If you are a buyer who made a transaction with a PayPal account or used PayPal checkout as a guest, the company will charge a fee to manage the resolution process. The amount depends on many factors, like the percentage of claims and other relevant issues.

How to check the status of my dispute or claim?

Once you have opened or escalated the dispute to a claim, you must check the status in the resolution center. You will see the estimated resolution date if the case is under revision. Choose the closed case and case ID to get more details if the issue is not in the resolution center.

Final Words

So there you have it. You must learn how PayPal buyer and seller protection works if you have a business or personal account.

The seller and the buyer both gain from this. For more information, it is best to contract with them directly—last but not least. If you do not already have one, you can purchase a legitimate PayPal account from us.

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