How to Block Someone on PayPal? [Enhancing Your Privacy]

PayPal is one of the leading online transaction platforms used by over 400 million users globally. The platform has gained significant traction owing to its easy-to-navigate system, ease of use, and world-class transactional security and services.

However, not every PayPal user is out there with good intentions. As a result, there is a useful tool for blocking on the platform. Users can easily block another user using the web or the mobile app of the platform in some simple steps. Here’s how.

What Happens When You Block On Paypal?

One of the common questions we get is what happens when you block someone on PayPal? Do they know you have blocked them? And can they do anything about it? Let’s answer them one by one.

Firstly, once you block someone on PayPal, your contact essentially disappears from their contact list. That is, they cannot search you by your email or your name from the contact list anymore.

But what if they track your account through a previous transaction? For example, PayPal has a transaction history that will still show your transactions with the blocked person.

In that case, if the said person tries to send you a message or funds, they will simply get error messages. The transaction would be reverted or show failure depending on the region.

Once you block someone, you will simply disappear from their contact directory. PayPal doesn’t notify the blocked user so there is no way for them to know that you have blocked them.

And thanks to the strong privacy and usage policy of PayPal, the blocked contact cannot do anything about it even if they wanted to. 

How To Block Someone On Paypal

There are two ways to go about blocking someone on PayPal. The first is blocking through the PayPal website and the other is by using the app.

How To Block Someone On Paypal

The blocking process slightly differs between the web application and the mobile application.

So for convenience, we will cover both processes. Oh and this process holds for US PayPal accounts too.

Process 1: Using the Website

This process will use the web version of PayPal for blocking a contact. Many large scale businesses relies on PayPal web for tracking transactions so the website is also as important as the mobile app.

Step 1: Log in

The first step is to log in on the PayPal website.

Log in

This will prompt the dash menu.

Step 2: Click Send and Request

The next step is to access the contact list. Unlike the app, there is no direct shortcut to the contact list from the dash.

As a result, you will have to access the contact list via the Send and Request option.

Step 3: Click on Contact

From the sub-menu, click on Contacts. This will open the list of connected contacts on your PayPal.

 Once you click on the contact you want to block, another sub-menu will open up.

Step 4: Click Block this Contact

From the new sub-menu, click on Block this Contact.

Click Block this Contact

After that, PayPal will prompt you to confirm whether you actually want to block the account. If you are sure, then click on Block from the prompt to confirm the blocking.

Process 2: Using the Application

Using the mobile application is a bit easier compared to the website. Regardless the outcome is same for both the processes.

Step 1: Log in

Similar to the web application, the first step here is to log in on the mobile application. If you do not have a mobile application, download it from the Playstore or the Appstore depending on your OS.

Step 2: Click on Payment

The next step is to locate the Payment option from the dashboard. From there, click on All Contacts.

Click on Payment

After that, all you have to do is repeat the steps 3 and 4 from the first process.

And just like that, you have successfully blocked contact on PayPal.

What To Do If Someone Blocked You On Paypal

Whether someone is blocking you on PayPal or not is their personal decision. You really can’t do anything legally to reverse it. However, here are some possible options to consider.

  • Respect the decision and move on. It is their choice and the best course of action for you is to respect their boundaries.
  • Use an alternative communication method like texting or calling on the number or emailing. Again, do this only in case there are matters to be resolved.
  •  Avoid repeated attempts to contact. Trying too hard may feel intrusive to a great extent.
  • Try and mitigate any existing issue with the person that may have led to the block.
  • Protect your own account by monitoring the transactions and security settings. 

Tips For Dealing With Unwanted Contacts On PayPal

Let’s be honest, none of us wants to deal with intrusive and unwanted contacts in PayPal. But if it still comes to that, here are some things that you can consider.

  • Block the contact. This is the most direct safety action that you can undertake.
  • Report the matter to PayPal if you feel insecure about any suspicious activities.
  • Review the security settings for any potential security breaches and update them as necessary.
  • Be careful about what you share with the contacts. Avoid sharing personal identification details unless you absolutely trust the person.
  • Keep a record of any unwanted and suspicious interactions that you may have with someone.

PayPal Suspended Removal Service

Blocking someone is great and all. But what if your account gets suspended by PayPal? This is a nightmare situation for many who use PayPal as their main merchant account.

A PayPal account suspension essentially means that you will not be able to process any transaction or withdraw any amount from your PayPal account. Your account will essentially be frozen.

The account may get suspended for a lot of reasons. For example, there might be a lot of chargebacks, high reports from clients, low credit scores, overpayments, illegal transactions, and a host of other reasons.

Fortunately for you, we have the perfect solution for account suspension. All you have to do is visit our site to get started with our PayPal account recovery service. We guarantee you 100% that your account will be restored without any hassle and you will be able to continue your business as usual.


We’ve talked about everything there is to know about blocking someone on PayPal. Here are some additional queries asked by our users.

Will someone know if I block them on PayPal?

No, PayPal doesn’t notify the person you are blocking. So there is no way for them to know that you blocked them.

How long does a PayPal block last?

The PayPal block is permanent. Once you block them, the block is permanent until you choose otherwise.

Can a blocked PayPal be unblocked?

Tailing on the last answer, yes, a blocked PayPal account can be unblocked. All you have to do is navigate to the blocked contact list and unblock your chosen contact from there.

Final Words

Blocking someone on PayPal is a fairly easy process. PayPal has always given the highest importance to customer safety and due usage policy to ensure everything runs smoothly.

So any user can use the blocking feature to safeguard themselves from unwanted contacts.

In addition to blocking, you can contact PayPal if you suspect suspicious activity in an account.

PayPal has a good track record of addressing security concerns promptly so you are completely safeguarded in the platform.

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