How To Add Stripe To Shopify? [From Clicks to Conversions]

Adding Stripe to Shopify is a simple process provided all the credentials are met. All you need is a valid Stripe account and an active Shopify store. It helps you receive customer payments easily and swiftly through different globally accepted gateways without hassle.

However, as a beginner, it might become somewhat foreign to you to add Stripe to your Shopify since some technical issues require to be accounted for. This article will walk you through the gradual step-by-step process of successfully adding Stripe to your Shopify straightaway.

How To Add Stripe To Shopify?

Now there are two scenarios you should know before adding Stripe to your Shopify account as a payment provider. These are if Stripe is supported by your residing country and vice-versa. Worry not as we shall disclose the steps for both cases to connect Stripe to your Shopify.

How To Add Stripe To Shopify

Ways To Add Stripe To Shopify In Supported Regions

Most major countries from all continents have Stripe availability. Therefore if you are a resident of one of them it wouldn’t be difficult for you to add Stripe to Shopify. Follow these steps thoroughly and you are in business.

Step-1: Sign Up In Stripe

Firstly, you have a country-legal Stripe account before proceeding to further steps. Go to the official Stripe website from your browser and open the signup tab. Fill in with the required credentials followed by proper verification.

Step-2: Log In To Your Shopify Store Account

Nextly, open the Shopify website in a new tab, and fill up the login credentials to log in to your Shopify store account. After logging in you will be redirected to the Shopify store admin panel.

Step-3: Updating Payment Provider

After you have the admin panel on the screen, click on the “Settings” button located on the bottom left of the menu.

A control interface will pop up where all available settings to manage your Shopify store will be displayed. Now locate the button saying “Payment” and click on it.

It will redirect you to all available payment providers, supported payment methods, and services available based on your country. Click on “Choose a provider”.

A new window will pop up displaying all available third-party payment providers. These payment providers are incorporated with different international payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, American Express, etc.

Now, on the search tab type “Stripe” to quickly load the Stripe option from different available payment providers. Tap on it to go to the next window.

Step-5: Connecting And Adding Stripe

Tapping the “Stripe” will redirect you to a completely new tab from the Stripe website. On this page, you have to put in the email address that you used previously to sign up on Stripe. Click on “Continue” after typing in your Stripe email address in the respective place.

A password tab will appear. Type in your Stripe password and click on “Log In” for further process.

After logging in, all available accounts incorporated into your Shopify will be displayed in front of you. Next, you need to select which Shopify store you want to add Stripe to for receiving payments. Tap on the preferred account and click on “Connect” to add Stripe to Shopify.

Finally, you will be redirected back to the payment settings in the Shopify tab. It will show that Stripe has been successfully connected to your Stripe store account with supported payment methods such as Credit Cards from Visa, MasterCard Apple Pay, etc.

Ways To Add Stripe To Shopify In Unsupported Regions

Not all countries in the world are currently supported by the Stripe payment gateway. Stripe is gradually expanding its business to other countries. However, you need not wait to enjoy this payment provider.

Check out the following steps to easily connect Stripe to your current Shopify account and receive payments from customers.

Step-1: Log In To the Shopify Admin Panel

Considering you have a Stripe and a running Shopify account, firstly, log in to the Shopify store to access the admin panel. Click on the Settings button and tap on the “Store Details” button at the top of the list.

Now, locate the address bar and tap on the “Edit” button on the right. On the next page, click on the “Country/Region” option. A list of countries will appear.

Step-2: Changing Country/Region

Check online resources to know which countries are currently accepted by Stripe. From among those countries, select a country where Stripe is supported.

After selecting the Country, tap on the ”Save” button and wait for a few seconds as the system saves your new data of address.

Step-3: Connecting Shopify Account With Stripe

Lastly, return back to Settings, and select the Payment option. Click on “See All Payment Providers” and search for Strip in the search bar. This time you will see that Stripe will pop up on the search result.

Choose Stripe and log in to it by providing your Stripe email address, and password, and go through phone verification if required. Finally, after verification, you will be redirected back to the Shopify Admin page.

Here you can observe that Stripe has been added as your new payment provider. For confirmation, you can test by conducting trial orders and payments to see if Stripe works smoothly with Shopify.

What Advantage Does Adding Stripe To Shopify?

Check out these advantages you will be enjoying after adding Stripe to your Shopify Store.

  • Broad payment methods available such as Visa and Mastercard accept Debit and Credit cards. Apple Pay is also available for ease of payment.
  • Secured and smooth payment gateway
  • Ease of payment by customers
  • Getting more customers worldwide
  • Very low charge for the service Stripe provides

Where To Get A Verified Stripe Account?

Opening a Stripe account is simple and easy, but when it comes to verification you may have to face much trouble. Moreover, you have to provide lots of documents to verify and wait for 1-3 business days.

But if you need a verified Stripe account urgently to link with your Shopify, you can get one from third-party service providers online.

These platforms are trusted platforms for selling verified Stripe accounts. Moreover, you can avail of special pricing because they put Stripe accounts on sale now and then.


Facing difficulties while connecting Stripe to Shopify? Check out the following answered questions to overcome those.

Is Stripe cheaper than Shopify payments?

Stripe payment combined with Shopify is not cheap. Shopify does not charge extra for any transaction other than subscription charges. Having a Stripe payment gateway connected to Shopify, the charge is $2.9 along with $0.30.

Which payment gateway is best for Shopify?

The Shopify payment system is best for getting payment from customers. Third-payment providers charge a specific percentage of a transaction which can be expensive for products with high price tags.

Is Stripe good for e-commerce?

Stripe is well known for smooth and uninterrupted transactions. Apart from high charges, no other downsides are faced by using Stripe as a payment gateway. This made Stripe a decent gateway for conducting online transactions in multiple ways.

Why can’t I add Stripe to Shopify?

Not getting Stripe available on the search list of accepted payment providers in Shopify means Stripe is currently not supported in your country. That is why you can connect Stripe as a payment gateway to your Shopify store.


Since Stripe is currently expanding its business worldwide not all countries can use it for their Shopify.

If you intend to do business using Shopify and make Stripe your payment gateway, it is imperative you check out the availability of the residing region.

Otherwise, you may face difficulties afterward by adding Stripe to Shopify through a different process.

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