How Do I Know If My Payoneer Account Is Verified?

Payoneer, an online payment platform, has been a dream come true for many people. Although it has its shortcomings, there are still many businesses and individuals all around the world benefiting from the platform.

Payoneer doesn’t support all the countries in the world, but it still holds its spot as one of the most used online payment platforms. The queries regarding opening a Payoneer account and verifying it are still prevalent.

Tag along as we go into details and give you an insight into the factors behind the verification issues.

How Do I Know If My Payoneer Account Is Verified?

Typically, an applicant receives an email from Payoneer once the account gets verified. During a Payoneer account signup process, you are supposed to provide your email address alongside the necessary documents.

The Payoneer verification team inspects and verifies the submitted documents and information and then gets back to you with a confirmation email.

How Do I Know If My Payoneer Account Is Verified

They will let you know if they find any issues with the documents or receive incomplete information. You need to read the email carefully and follow the instructions to resubmit the documents, so you can get the account verified.

How Long Does It Take For Payoneer To Verify An Account?

Payoneer verification usually takes three to five business days. Keep in mind that it can take a bit longer, depending on the traffic of verification requests and the accuracy of your submitted documents.

If the expected time exceeds and you still don’t get any email from the team, you can check your account status. You should see a green check mark if the account has already been verified.

If it is not verified yet, you can choose to wait for a few more days and contact Payoneer customer support to know about the current status of your account. While contacting them, carefully provide your account information and current status.

If there’s an issue with your submission, they shall be able to direct you and may ask for additional documents for verification. After fixing the problems, you may have to wait a few more days for the inspection before getting a verified Payoneer account.

Common Reasons That Can Delay The Verification Process

As mentioned earlier, Payoneer verification can get delayed due to several factors. See below to learn about them so you can successfully verify your Payoneer account.  

1. Not using your own information

Payoneer is more than just a common online platform. It is used for sending and receiving payments. Hence it is essential that you use your own information.

You can’t expect to get your account verified by using someone else’s information. Ensure that your name, date of birth, utility bill or bank statement, and ID match. Consider double-checking before submitting the documents to rule out any mistakes.

2. Invalid documents

Payoneer asks for documents to verify your identity and address. This is crucial to ensure a secure payment system.

You must submit your government-issued authentic ID to prove your identity. It could be your driver’s license, NID, or passport. You can’t use expired documents here. If the team detects expired documents, they can reject your verification request.

3. Having multiple accounts

Payoneer doesn’t allow users to have multiple accounts under the same name or email address. If you already have an account associated with the information you provide, your account may not get approved.

Moreover, if you request the verification of an account with a history of rule violation, they might reject it. Additionally, if the new account is associated with any old account that was blocked or closed by Payoneer, you may not be able to get it verified.

4. Incomplete registration

Incomplete information is another common factor that can delay your account verification. It doesn’t take long to register for a Payoneer account.

While at it, try to check multiple times to ensure that the information you provide is not incomplete or incorrect. Doing this will save you time and effort.

5. The applicant is not eligible

Payoneer has an age restriction. If you are under 18 and applied for account verification, your account may not get approved.

Also, if your country doesn’t fall on the list of countries they are offering their service, you don’t get to use Payoneer.

How To Get A Verified Payoneer Account?

We understand that it can be stressful not to get your account verified after waiting a significant amount of time. As mentioned earlier, most verification issues stem from incorrect or invalid information.

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Payoneer is an incredible invention of the modern world. As every day new people are registering, the queries keep coming. Let’s look at some of them and gain more insights.

Can I receive money on Payoneer without verification?

Yes, you can receive money on Payoneer without verification. However, in this case, you must ensure to receive from trusted sources only and in small amounts. Also, you should verify your account as soon as possible.

How is the customer support of Payoneer?

Well, there are mixed reviews regarding the customer support of Payoneer. While many are quite satisfied with their service, many are not. Many people claim that sometimes it is hard to reach Payoneer customer support. On the brighter side, there’s a convenient chat option.

How to check if my Payoneer account is personal or business?

You can check if your Payoneer account is personal or business by going to the account information section of your account. For that, you will have to log in first, head to the settings tab, and then the account information section. Your account type should be listed as ‘personal’ or ‘business.’ 

Final words

Although registering for a Payoneer account and getting it verified is not a complicated process, it involves some steps that require attention and sincerity.

If you fail to verify your account in the expected time, you should consider contacting Payoneer customer support for assistance.

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