Free Virtual Credit Card For Paypal Verification [No Cost, No Hassle]

Using a free virtual credit card for PayPal verification is a great method if you don’t want to disclose your sensitive bank or card information.

Plenty of services and websites provide virtual credit card numbers for free, which you can use for verifying your PayPal account without bearing any risks.

If you want a free virtual card, keep reading as we will be exploring the top services providing free virtual cards.

Free Virtual Credit Card For Paypal Verification

What is a Virtual Card?

Virtual cards are simply credit cards that work virtually without any physical existence. You get a 16-digit card number along with a CVV number, and they also come with an expiration date. It’s almost like a credit or debit card but without any physical form.

These cards are perfect for online transactions as they are much safer. Because whenever you are committing to online transactions, compromising your bank or card information is always a threat, even with PayPal.

Also, anyone who doesn’t have a bank account or credit card can complete transactions on the web using virtual cards. On top of that, there is no risk of lost or stolen virtual cards, which also makes it very reliable to use. 

How to Get a Free Virtual Card?

Usually, when you are trying to get a virtual credit card from a bank, you have to apply for it. The process is pretty similar to getting a regular credit or debit card.

However, another way to get a virtual card is through neo-banks or online money transfer services. Some of these services provide a free virtual card that can start working instantly upon receiving it.

To get a card from services, you must provide them with the necessary information to get the car. Now, you have to be very careful about the safety of your information. You can’t just give away any information to a risky source.

Before providing your information, you must ensure the service is authentic and reliable. The legitimacy of the service and website plays a huge role in choosing the virtual card provider. So, whenever you are choosing a service, make sure to check its reviews and ratings online.

Top 4 Free Virtual Credit Card Providers

Since we are talking about trustworthiness, here are the top 5 services that provide you with free virtual cards.

All of them are legitimate sources, so there will be no worries about getting scammed or disclosing sensitive information. Let’s check them out.

1. Wise

When it comes to online payment systems, Wise is a widely popular service out there. The previous name for the service was TransferWise, and it had been very popular as a global money transfer platform.

Getting a free virtual card from Wise is very easy. You must create a Wise account, go to the cards section and order a digital/ virtual card from there. Opening an account and getting a virtual card doesn’t cost any money.

However, there are monthly charges and transaction fees for each transaction. Although, you won’t have to worry about using the card for PayPal verification.

2. Payoneer

Another trusted source for a free virtual card is Payoneer. Ordering a Payoneer Mastercard is free of cost, but you can only order the card once you have some balance in the account. Still, it’s a free virtual card, as you can use the balance later.

To get a Payoneer card, all you have to do is sign up on the Payoneer website. Then, go to the banks and cards sections. You will see the “Payoneer cards” option; click on that. From there, simply order a card.

One issue is that you must have a valid bank account to sign up for Payoneer. However, no need to worry about security, as Payoneer is a trusted source for only money transfer and storage.

3. Skrill

Similar to the other two online money transfer services, Skrill is another trustworthy service for virtual credit cards. The first virtual card you get from Skrill is completely free and doesn’t have any additional charges for transactions, either.

Applying for a virtual card is pretty simple; just sign up on Skrill. Then, go to the Skrill card section; there, you will get an option for physical and virtual cards. Click on the virtual card section, then add a card based on your preferred currency.

Signing up on Skrill can be a bit difficult based on your location. Also, it does require you to provide quite a lot of information, which can be a bit exhausting to go through.

4. Revolut

Even though Revolut is not as popular as the other virtual card sources listed here, it’s still a trustworthy platform. You can get the first virtual card from Revolut without any cost, regardless of the plan you are using in it.

To create a virtual card using Revolut, you must go to the cards section on the app after signing up. There, you will find the option to add a card where they let you create a virtual debit card. Follow the instructions there, and you will get the card instantly.

The best part about Revolut is that it doesn’t involve any critical signup process. Setting up and getting your card using the website is very simple.

How to verify a PayPal account with a virtual credit card?

You can verify your PayPal account once you have the virtual credit card. To verify your Paypal account, you only have to link the virtual card with the Paypal account. Here’s how to do it  –

  • First, you have to log in or sign up to a Paypal account.
  • Then, look for the account section on the top bar and go to your wallet.
verify a PayPal account with a virtual credit card
  • From there, you will get an option to link your card. Click on that.
From there, you will get an option to link your card. Click on that.
  • Once you start linking the card, it will ask for three basic pieces of information. The card number, CVV, and expiration date.
  • After linking the card, you must confirm it to complete the verification process. Press on “confirm your card”
Press on “confirm your card
  • For confirmation, they will want to provide you with a code. The option “Get a code” will be in the confirmation window. Click on it.
click on Get a code
  • You will get the verification code in your card statement. Depending on the card you get, check the statement from your virtual card account.
get the verification code in your card statement
  • Next, open up your Paypal once again and head to the card section. From there, you will find the option to enter the code for confirmation.
enter the code for confirmation
  • After you click on it, there will be an input box where you have to enter the code you got in the statement. Enter it and confirm.
  • Once you confirm, the card will officially link with your Paypal account, and it will complete the verification process of your Paypal.
complete the verification process of your Paypal.

Skip The Verification, Get A Verified Paypal Account

Well, let’s be honest here, going through all that trouble just to verify your Paypal account is a lot of work. Why don’t you just buy an already verified account? It’s much easier and quicker than the troubling verification process.

One of the best ways to get a verified account is to connect with Merchants. You can purchase a verified PayPal account from them at various price ranges.

The accounts they provide are 100% verified and backed up with real documentation. You will get an email, login id verified phone number, and access to all other documents like passport, utility bill, etc.

They also offer a guarantee for recovery if anything happens to the account. And you get quick delivery with 24/7 customer support from them.


Here we will answer some popular questions regarding free virtual cards and PayPal verification. You might want to check out the answers if you are still confused.

Can I verify my Paypal account without a credit card?

Yes, verifying a Paypal account without a credit or debit card is possible. In that case, you will need to link your bank account with Paypal for the verification process.

Are free virtual cards legal?

Yes, virtual cards are legal, and you can use them for any mainstream purpose. As long as the service or the website is legal, their virtual cards will be legal to use in most cases.

Do banks provide virtual credit cards?

Yes, some banks do provide virtual credit cards in their service. In the US, only three banks provide virtual credit cards: Bank of America, Capital One, and Citibank.

Final words

Summing up, it’s not that difficult to get a free virtual card for PayPal verification once you have the documents and resources. The tricky part of using those services and websites is the signup process which can be a bit hectic for some.

Getting a free virtual card might be the move if you want all the control of your Paypal without any third-party involvement. But buying a verified PayPal account is always a viable option if you don’t want to go through all that trouble.

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