eBay Account Suspended How To Get Back

Are you a drop shipper or an aspirant who wants to do business on eBay? Is your account suspended while doing business? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will guide you through the process.

eBay is one of the monumental marketplaces in the world. In this colossal platform, more than 159 million active eBay users and more than 19 million seller accounts are doing online business. Besides, the registration on this platform is going sky-high. 

eBay Account Suspended, How to Get Back? is the question that is popping into your mind now.

Account suspension can be a significant setback, particularly for those sellers who rely on this marketplace for income. Getting acquainted with eBay’s policies is a wise move to prevent such events. Due to many hidden policies, an experienced user usually makes mistakes that cause account suspension.

Your eBay account was suspended; how to get back? Keep reading this manuscript; you’ll get a step-by-step guideline to regain your suspended account.

What Is A Suspended Ebay Account?

eBay is a global online marketplace that facilitates international buying and selling. To maintain the performance and reputation of this marketplace, like any large international marketplace, eBay must enforce clear rules and regulations for the users. Users who do not conform to these guidelines may find their eBay accounts restricted. Basically, eBay retains the authority to notify users of account suspension at any time and restrict users from using it properly.

A suspended eBay account loses its ability to conduct sales or business. To resume business activities again, users must initiate an appeal to eBay to reinstate their account. Upon proper request with possible correction, eBay will provide further procedures and share the causes for the suspension. Users with a suspended account are prohibited from selling on this platform until the issue is resolved.

In this detailed step-by-step guideline, we tried to explain the question: eBay Account Suspended How to Get Back?

Why eBay Suspends Accounts?

Like many other significant online marketplaces, eBay enforces its laws to safeguard its reputation and users. This action is crucial for them to maintain a positive environment and seller reputation on the platform.

When a user violates policies by conducting customer complaints or engaging in unlawful activities, it affects not only the users but also the reputation of eBay. A platform gets bigger by gaining its customers’ trust. They may take any action that goes against their ethics and rules to protect the view.

For this reason, when eBay identifies issues with a user, it may take measures such as placing hold, restrictions, and suspensions on the account. Although various reasons force eBay to take such actions, here we’ve shortlisted the most frequently encountered ones for you:

  • Unpaid payments of eBay fees.
  • The payment method that a user registered is expired.
  • Failed to repay eBay for a refund it made to a buyer.
  • Sellers involved in selling prohibited items or restricted items.
  • eBay may suspend your account if they cannot verify your account information.

These are the ordinary events. But what about eBay’s policy violation? Here they are:

  • Using stock images or images that are licensed or manufacturer’s photos in your listing goes against eBay’s policy.
  • Selling restricted items listed in eBay’s guidelines, such as alcohol, animal products, animal, collectible currencies, etc., is strictly against eBay’s policy.
  • Selling items that are someone’s intellectual property.
  • Shipping orders late or uploading tracking information late goes against their rules.
  • If your transactions have one or more defects or the rate of defect transactions is high, you may get your eBay account suspended.
  • You might violate eBay’s regulations if you have a low rate related to your case resolution.

The above reasons are the most common scene that has been seen in many user’s cases. These reasons are not the end of the world. Many other reasons might trouble you. We suggest you go through the rules and regulations of eBay. Let’s move to the most desired part.

How To Get Back Your Suspended eBay Account?

Is your eBay account suspended? The first and foremost step you should take is “Stop Panicking.” Now, you have to take the necessary steps by cooling down your head.

eBay Account Suspended How To Get Back

To get your account back, you should investigate the reason for the suspension in the first place. Review the letter you received from the marketplace and determine how you got suspended and how to appeal. Apart from these, here’s what you can do:

Find the reasons

While facing the suspension, you may have received a letter from eBay. Open your eBay account, go to the ‘Messages’ section, and read the message that you received from eBay. Learn the reason they suspended your account and follow the steps you should take, which are outlined in the letter.

Try to figure out the mistakes you’ve made during your business that have been specified in the letter. Other than this, you should take a few essential steps, which are stated below.

Pay Your Outstanding Fees

This is the most common major mistake that sellers make on this platform. You probably forgot to pay your eBay fees on time. Check out if one of your customers requested a refund for a defective product, which eBay may have produced, and now you owe the money to the platform. If your account suspension happened only for outstanding fees, repay the fund and get your account back.

See, it’s pretty easy. If you know the reasons, and you resolve the issues, it will help you to get back your account.

Verify Your Account Properly

In many cases, eBay blocks users and their accounts when they cannot verify their information. As a large online marketplace, eBay is obsessed with its safety and security to maintain its reputation and loyalty to its vast audience. Thus, they thoroughly verify their users’ information, especially those involved with selling and business.

eBay always dictates the desired documents from their users while opening an account. They clearly explain which documents you should upload for a smooth verification process.

Generally, they ask for your genuine ID proofs, address proofs, or some additional information regarding your products. With proper verification, you can revive your suspended account.

Check Your Listing

If your account was deleted after your listing, it’s caused because you’ve violated the platform’s terms and conditions. eBay deleted some listings that you may have listed repeatedly, which can play a role in account suspension. So it’ll be wise to list your product with proper supervision and don’t make redundancy.

If your account is suspended on the basis of this issue, then you should approach eBay and inquire about the listings and find out where you made a mistake. It’s natural when you list your products manually, which can cause a violation of eBay’s policy. For this, eBay won’t do injustice to you, and they’ll take proper action as soon as they get acknowledged.

Don’t Go for A New Account Immediately

While on suspension, don’t create another account to resume your business immediately. eBay keeps all of your information and keeps track of them. You cannot simply fool them; their well-structured system will catch your trick.

On the other hand, you should not make another account in the first place because registering the same information on the platform violates the rules and regulations of the forum. By doing so, eBay can suspend your account permanently.

How Long Does eBay Suspension Last?

The answer to this question may differ according to the cause of suspension. eBay bans accounts for various reasons. The dimension of the offense decides the duration of the rest. Sometimes, it also depends on how quickly you respond to the issue. If you take action quickly and do what is required as promptly as possible, resolving the problems will be much quicker than the suspension period.

Generally, the suspension may last from a week to a month or even extended periods. Your account may get suspended for an unannounced period until eBay makes any decision.

We suggest you maintain your professionalism and patience. Wait for the decision eBay comes up with, and while appealing, mention the mistakes you’ve made that won’t happen again. Now, follow the guidelines below to appeal.

Steps to Appeal

Now, it’s time for you to take the crucial step. Appeal as soon as possible; you face suspension. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Start a Google search, “eBay Contact/ eBay Customer Service.”
Start a Google search, “eBay Contact eBay Customer Service.”
  • Click the search result “eBay Customer Service.” Scroll down on the page and click “Contact Us”.
Click the search result “eBay Customer Service.” Scroll down on the page and click “Contact Us
  •  In the Contact Us page, select ‘Account’.
In the Contact Us page, select 'Account'
  • Click on “Account holds, restrictions, and suspensions.”
Click on “Account holds, restrictions, and suspensions.”
  • On the next page, you’ll find “email us” and click it.
On the next page, you'll find “email us” and click it.
  • After that, you will find the form and convey your message to the eBay team to reinstate your suspended account. And then submit it.

Email them with your reasons and request them to reinstate your account. Mention to them that you’re inexperienced and unintentionally made your mistake. Remember, professional and resolute words in an email can increase the chances to unsuspend your eBay account. Don’t expect a quick response from them, but be assured that they will review the email and devise a solution. Below, we have a surprise for you.

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Don’t Stop Even If Your Account Is Suspended

So far, you know how to recover your account and the processes to get a verified eBay account. You don’t have to worry even if your account is suspended because there are many tips in this guideline depicting how to win your account back.

To successfully survive in this vast marketplace, you should know how to verify and stick to the rules and regulations that eBay imposed to maintain its reputation as well as secure the user’s experience. The guided article pointed to the eBay Account Suspended, How to Get Back. Without wasting time, dive into this vast e-commerce world.

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