Amazon Seller Account Deactivated After Registration

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, and they don’t compromise violating their policies. They follow stricter rules to ensure the best possible practices to maintain a quality environment for both sellers and buyers. However, if you face the unsettling prospect of your Amazon Seller Account Deactivation After Registration, it can be a matter of concern. 

This comprehensive guideline in this article covers the questions and the reasons that possibly caused the issue. From the deactivation to the potential solutions for reactivation are enlightened in this article. 

We’ll take you through the important minor details of account suspension and most importantly, we’ve provided insights on how to navigate this challenge. Whether you’re an experienced seller or a new one just starting your Amazon business, we’ll guide you so that you understand the process of account suspension and how to reactivate. So without further ado, keep reading this article.

What is the Meaning of A Deactivated Amazon Seller Account?

An Amazon Deactivated Seller Account means the rights to sell, or trade are withdrawn or deprived of the seller from the end of Amazon. This happens due to the violation of Amazon’s policies by selling counterfeit products or manipulating reviews, and many other reasons. You’ll be restricted from continuing your selling activities. Though you’ll be allowed to appeal, your appeal will be reviewed by Amazon, and appropriate decisions will be taken accordingly.

What Is The Meaning Of A Deactivated Amazon Seller Account

There can be multiple reasons behind this scenario. If you’re facing the same issue, don’t worry, we got you covered. Read the reasons why your account got deactivated below. 

Reasons Why an Amazon Seller Account Gets Deactivated

Imagine, after the registration, you suddenly get a notification stating that your Amazon Seller Account has been deactivated, which may fasten your heartbeat and make you nervous. But we suggest you not worry because after knowing the reasons, you’ll understand the policies and the processes to keep yourself aloof from the possibilities that might get your account deactivated. Here are the top vital reasons why an account may get deactivated: 

Prohibited Items

Items that are illegal, unsafe, and restricted to use are strictly prohibited on Amazon. It’s against Amazon’s policy to trade illegal products. For example, alcohol, animals & animal and animal-related products, art-fine art, automotive and power shots, gambling items, currency, coins, etc. Amazon must comply with all the rules and laws to maintain safety both for buyers and sellers.

Prohibited Items Reasons Why an Amazon Seller Account Gets Deactivated

Selling of these items is strictly prohibited on Amazon. If you list any of the restricted items on Amazon, it can result in account deactivation or suspension. To learn more about the products you cannot sell, check Prohibited Items.

Duplicate accounts 

If you operate multiple accounts on Amazon Seller Account without obtaining prior approval, your account may get deactivated. Doing such is strictly against Amazon’s policies. Amazon considers the presence of duplicate accounts as a potential violation of the platform’s policies. However, if you have legitimate reasons for holding multiple accounts, you have to request for approval. 

It’s crucial to abstain from creating a new seller account immediately after facing an account suspension. We know you want to get back on track, but without proper reinstatement procedures, you may have negative consequences. 

Quality of Products

When conducting business on Amazon, it’s very important to adhere to the guidelines and stay away from selling restricted or illegal products. Amazon always asks you to deliver quality products, as it increases the quality and loyalty of the marketplace.

Quality of Products

If you sell counterfeit products, it not only degrades the seller’s quality but also degrades the quality of the marketplace. So, Amazon doesn’t entertain such activity. We recommend you not to indulge in such activities.

Performance of the Seller

To succeed on Amazon, if you are a new or experienced one, you must consistently meet Amazon’s performance standards. Customer satisfaction, where Amazon places a strong emphasis. Sellers must maintain a very low Amazon order defect rate of less than 1%.

Performance of the Seller

Amazon identifies underperforming sellers by evaluating some basic metrics such as negative customer reviews, late shipments, order cancellations, and other factors. To ensure a positive customer experience, Amazon sets specific measures for the sellers, such as a late shipment rate should be below 4%, and a pre-fulfillment cancel rate should be below 2.5%. If you fail to meet these metrics, it could result in account suspension. 

Gather Reviews And Feedback In A Dishonest Way

Certain sellers purchase positive reviews to deceive customers so that they can buy products without knowing real experience. If Amazon detects such manipulation, they’ll deactivate your account right away without a second thought. Stay out of such manipulation to avoid account suspension.

Copyright Violation

Amazon may deactivate your account if you engage in copyright violation, which means using other seller’s intellectual property without their consent. If this draws the attention of the other sellers that you’ve used their images and texts to create your product listing, and if they file a complaint, Amazon will suspend your account.

What Should You Do If Your Amazon Seller Account Gets Deactivated?

When you discover that your Amazon seller account has been suspended, at first, all you have to do is keep patience and thoroughly check the reasons why Amazon suspended your account before starting any conversation. If you find out the diseases, then only you can apply the right medicine. So carefully go through the notification that Amazon sent you and try to find out what rule you’ve violated.

Amazon Seller Account Deactivated After Registration

If Amazon says you’ve violated a rule, try to figure out which one you’ve violated. This is very important because you can act accordingly to Amazon and show them that you understand the fault and that you’re going to take the right steps to solve it. 

Now, you can apply for an appeal. In the letter, you have to mention how you want to resolve the matter. Here’s a brief instruction on how you should write an appeal letter:

  • Intro: in this section, write the details about yourself, your selling description, your business name, and the reason you got suspended.
  • Description: In this section, provide the details regarding your suspension how it happened, and what was the cause of the issue.
  • Action: In this part, you’ll tell them the plan you’d taken or would like to take. You eagerly want to resolve the issue as well as you want changes. State that the mistake won’t happen again.
  • Conclusion: Put a conclusion stating that you abide by the rules and regulations of Amazon and request them to reactivate your account.

The letter you’ll write must sound compelling and committed that you want to change the mistake. Consider the letter as the chance for you to reactivate your account.

What Should You Do If Your Amazon Seller Account Gets Deactivated

Steps to Send An Appeal to Amazon

Here’s how you can send an appeal to Amazon. Follow these simple steps:

  1. After formulating the letter, go to Amazon Seller Central and click on ‘Performance notifications’ from the ‘Performance’ dropdown menu.
  2. The suspension notice you got from Amazon, open that and click on Appeal, and you’ll see some appeal options and choose the one you desire.
  3. Write your Plan of Action and provide your contact information to get in touch with the authorities for any queries or information they need from you. 
  4. Click on submit to send your POA for review to Amazon Seller Performance.

Now, you’ve to swim with the steam. All you can do now is to wait. The process sometimes can be daunting because it can take a few weeks to months to get a response back. Any unprofessional behavior can worsen the scene here. 

Get an Amazon Seller Account

As you can see, creating and maintaining an Amazon Seller Account is quite daunting. New sellers who want to join the marketplace find it really difficult. Sometimes Amazon’s behavior may seem unfair. Small changes in approach can result in penalties. So getting an account from a professional source can save you from these hassles. 

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Get an Amazon Seller Account

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What You’ll Get With An Amazon Seller Account

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Is Buying an Amazon Seller Account Legal?

Let’s share a commonly asked query with you. Is it legal for you to buy an Amazon Seller Account? 

The simple answer to this question is a big YES! It’s entirely legal if you purchase an Amazon Seller Account. We offer the best verified, secure accounts that have transparency. Amazon won’t deactivate your account or ownership.

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Tips to Keep Your Amazon Account Healthy

Well, if you have an Amazon Seller Account, you’re probably handling it with caution so that it doesn’t get restricted. Here, we’ll tell you some hidden tricks on how you can keep your account healthy:

  • Try to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and minimize the issues with orders. Keep your order defect rate below 1%.
  • Minimize the cancellation of orders rate. It degrades your Amazon selling score. Try to keep your pre-fulfillment cancel rate below 2%.
  • Ensure that the orders are shipped promptly to meet customers’ expectations. Try to keep your late shipment rate under 4 percent.
  • Give your best in the marketplace and try to get reviews from the customers. Aim for low levels of negative feedback.

These criteria are a great help for the sellers. We provide our best guidance so that the seller won’t get any degradation while doing their business. For more professional suggestions, connect with us now. 

Final Words

If you want to survive in the ocean of countless possibilities, you’ve to be up-to-date and knowledgeable. Yes, we’re talking about Amazon Seller Central. You’re aware the opportunities that Amazon provides are full of potential. If you want to be a successful e-commerce entrepreneur, this platform is a game changer for you. 

There are numerous risks to getting an account suspended when the seller is not aware of the rules and regulations. However, we are at your service. You can get a Amazon Seller Account from us and the professional guidelines and account-related services to enjoy a smooth and safe e-commerce journey. 

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